Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New "General" Regional Minister

The 2006 Regional Assembly of the Christian Church in Kentucky has concluded. Our Region has a new overseer as the Rev. Greg Alexander was installed as the fourth General Minister of the Region. For our new members, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a denomination spanning two nations, the US and Canada, with 33 Regions which for most are divided as a states and clusters of states. Kentucky is its own Region, although First Christian Church (Ashland) has very good relationships with the Disciples congregations in Huntington (West Virginia Region) and Portsmouth (Ohio Region). Regions serve as the identifiable web of support we give and receive with other congregations and the unified effort of our work and ministry together. It is the forum through which we serve together. Tangible things like certification of standing of ministers, guidelines for ordinations, licensing, and support in the pastoral/congregational relationship are the main ways we see our Region work, but it is in actuality, a small part of their whole ministry. Our Region is our extended family, a resource in times of opportunity and challenge. They supervise the training of our clergy; offer avenues of ministry for the laity and continuing education for all our members as we serve together. For Kentucky, our Regional Camps, Men’s Ministries and Women’s Ministries are hallmarks of our identity. Because of the vision, talents and quality of our Regional Staff, our congregations and active members throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Region is a major force in our denomination as we fulfill the Great Commission together. We welcome the right man for this Region’s future…you might say, he is indeed, the Rt. Rev. Greg Alexander, new General Minister of the Christian Church in Kentucky.

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