Saturday, March 24, 2007

The World says, "Easter is over." But its NOT!

What a tremendous celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. The sanctuary was filled with the scent of spring, the sound of brass and the sight of every pew filled. The proclamation of the empty tomb was heralded in word and song at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The extra chairs are now put away, the flowers went home with the donors in an effort to make sure they come back next year in flower gardens and the familiar sound of the organ will replace the orchestral sounds of this past week. For many, it is finished…again. Easter is not just a day! It is a season. Easter proper is 40 days long as its celebration responds to the 40 days of prayer and repentance through Lent. The day of Ascension, when Christ ascended into heaven to take his seat at the right hand of the Father, marks a turning point as 10 days after that, the Church celebrates the Day of Pentecost, the definite end of the Easter season. These 50 days of are a continuation of the Church’s celebration of Christ’s victory over death. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ are connected and inseparable in understanding the Gospel message. Without the death the resurrection is impossible, without the resurrection the death is meaningless. Themes of the power of Christ’s resurrection will continue as the readings for each Sunday reveal the scope of God’s redemptive power. Sin is vanquished, death itself is defeated, and the victory is God’s. As children of God, we are heirs of this storehouse of grace. We are forgiven. We are transformed. We, like Christ, will be raised again to new life. We are an Easter people. It is our faith. It is the Good News. Thanks be to God.

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