Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sixth Day of Christmas

I don't know about you, but the bird theme is growing comical.  Six Geese A-Laying marks the Sixth Day of Christmas.  Generally, when we think about the creation narrative in the book of Genesis, most will tell you that God created the universe in 7 days.  Depending on how one wants to interpret the theme of the Creation Story, God actually created the universe in six days.  This is the teaching the six geese are to serve as a reminder.  For our reflection today, I would respectfully take issue with both the song and with you Bible scholars out there who might argue with me.  Consider for a moment that the reason the seventh day is included is that which God did is essential to the creative process.  That one thing? Rest!
In our current culture of cell phones, wi-fi internet and constant contact, rest is elusive.  I am told that one of the things that made the United States a great world power is the work ethic of her citizens.  We now have a work force that counts itself lucky if they are able to secure two weeks vacation per year.  The irony remains that European workers, who enjoy at least four weeks per year in vacation are considerably more productive per unit per hour than US workers. Perhaps the Creation Story reminds us of both an eternal paradigm as well as a global paradigm that rest is integral to productivity and creativity.  It is not a mistake that the Laws given to us by Moses call us to rest on the seventh day as did our God.  Consider that your preoccupation with work and "stuff" may actually be hindering you from being the creative and productive person to which God is calling you.  Work hard, do your best and take time to rest.  Enjoy your family, time alone in reflection, worship in Church, a good book or whatever it is that relaxes you.  God created us.  God knows all that we need.  Part of what is essential to our well being is rest. Remember the six days God worked and remember too the Seventh Day, when God rested.

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