Friday, April 06, 2012

Why is it called "Good" Friday?

So, why is it called "Good" Friday? Actually, the word "Good" is a hang over from Old and Middle English.  In those days, the possessive was indicated by a double vowel rather then an apostrophe "s".  So the word "Good" properly translated would be "God's" or "God's Friday."
For example, "Good Bye" is actually a blessing one would give to another when meeting or departing. "Good Bye" may be written "God's be ye" or in modern idiom, "You belong to God" and therefore a blessing of safety to the traveler.
Regardless, today is God's Friday...and, using our modern colloquial definition, it is also a good Friday as God in Christ conquers sin and death. With that, I offer an ancient blessing as one traveler to another...Good Bye.

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